Hi there Wondernews-user!

Welcome to Yabnews! As you might have heard, Wondernews has joined Yabnews. Therefore, we can now offer you:

  • Higher retention (1100 days)
  • Better availability
  • Improved support

If you have an active Wondernews package, you will be able to use it until the expiry date. Once the package expires, Wondernews will no longer provide access to the Usenet.

But no worries, we won't let you down. Yabnews offers a lot of great packages with superfast access to the Usenet. If you have an active Wondernews account, you can log into Yabnews with your Wondernews username and password.

Have a look at Yabnews' bestseller:

Extra heavy 20Mbit

Maximum speed2,38 MByte/sec
Retention1100 days
SSL connectionFree

Always connected

Per year
Check it out!